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Oboro Hamiş knowing about the difference between her old friend Oboro and this new Oboro, Asagi views her bey her archenemy but most recently only as pathetic

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Oboro even goes bey far bey to promise derece to use hypnosis. Within the Arena, Asagi realizes she’ll be facing off against Oboro herself, bey a rematch for their initial fight. However, Asagi is hesitant to go all-out against her, bey Oboro’s body is still fused with Kyousuke’s. During their fight, she morphs into Kyousuke’s form, causing further hesitation with Asagi. During this form, Asagi is struck, being knocked out and consequently defeated.

Sakura Asagi acts like a responsible older sister to Sakura, cleaning up behind her. Though she scolds her sister's more childish behavior a lot, demanding the use of titles and mission protocol when on the job, they both maintain a healthy and protective relationship, and would even risk their lives for each other.

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Outside of missions she acts really caring and motherly to her friends and family, and bey a mentor and inspiration for her students.

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Gig refuses to submit, prompting Asagi to display her power by destroying the world. After her defeat, she continues to lament hamiş getting her own game, but Gig is unsympathetic kakım her destroying the world means they have to restart the game.

It also added a scene with Asuka birli a cliffhanger, which saf no other scenes in the OVA unlike the game where she saf a whole route. Powers/Abilities

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